2014 Feng Shui

Auspicious Influential Stars - Wealth

Zheng Cai Wealth Star
While both stars will bring you significant wealth luck, Zheng Cai Wealth Star needs to be coupled with hard work and good planning. Only then can you see the effects of this star. It will help you accumulate wealth through savings and investments. On the career front, a steady flow of wealth can be expected too.

Pian Cai Wealth Star
Pian Cai Wealth Star, conversely, represents windfall luck. With the enhancement of this star and a sprinkle of luck, you could end up with an unanticipated fortune when you least expect. The saying, "you can't strike a lottery without buying a ticket”, totally fits the characteristic of Pian Cai Wealth Star. The best way to garner the energy of this star is by taking your chances well.

Auspicious Influential Stars - Benefactor

Zheng Gui Ren Benefactor Star
These two stars will bring helpful people to improve your chances of success or help you sail through predicaments. With Zheng Gui Ren Benefactor Star, friends and family could emerge to become helpful people and offer help when you need it. Treat everyone around you with respect and good karma will find its way to you.

Pian Gui Ren Benefactor Star
Pian Gui Ren Benefactor Star will usher helpful people in from new sources - in the form of new friends, acquaintances or even strangers. Be nice to everyone you meet, because you will never know who your benefactor may be. When you venture new grounds, the chances of you meeting new helpful people will increase too.

Auspicious Influential Stars - Romance

Zheng Tao Hua Romance Star
Zheng Tao Hua Romance Star is capable of promoting harmony and strengthening existing bonds. With this, it can help singles find the love of their life amongst existing friendships or through friends' introductions. You can look forward to a blossoming love life in this direction.

Pian Tao Hua Romance Star
Pian Tao Hua Romance Star will bring you opportunities of love from new sources of friendship or a new environment. It will also make you more attractive to new people that you meet. Use this opportunity to try out something new and be willing to put yourself in a new environment this year. This star is also beneficial to married couples and a blissful married life shall be in sight.

Stars of Affliction

Grand Duke
The role of Grand Duke is rotated yearly among the divinities and he has command over all other deities except the Jade Emperor. Possessing immense authority and power, he is a deity whom none will dare offend, in fear of adversity. Inactivity must be observed in the direction where Grand Duke resides - groundbreaking, renovation and moving into a new home (that faces Grand Duke) are all unsuitable. When activities are carried out, it is deemed a challenge to his authority and a petrifying backlash will likely ensue.

Sui Po Year Breaker Star
Sui Po Year Breaker Star is always in the position right across Grand Duke. In Chinese, it is known as the star that "clashes with Grand Duke". This direction should be treated with the same respect as the Grand Duke position - groundbreaking, renovation and moving into a new home (that faces Sui Po Year Breaker Star) should all be avoided.

Three Killing
An encounter with the inauspicious Three Killing calls for extra caution. While some feng shui practitioners will try to "combat Three Killing" by scheduling a specially selected date and time for groundbreaking, it can be a dangerous act for the inexperienced. When Three Killing is activated under the wrong circumstances, it could lead to considerable disasters such as accidents, lawsuits and illnesses in the concerned premises. Inactivity should be observed in the direction where Three Killing resides and renovation is to be avoided. Premises facing Three Killing should take note too.

Feng Shui of 8 Directions

Flying Stars : 1 9 4
Yearly Influential Stars : Three Killing, Sui Po Year Breaker Star, Zheng Tao Hua Romance Star

It is said that good things do not last and this is true for those who are residing in North-orientated homes. After a propitious Snake year, 2014 brings forth malicious stars that were previously absent. The presence of Three Killing and Sui Po Year Breaker Star mark a sharp decline in your luck cycle but things are not as bad as you imagined! Look forward to some excitement, as Zheng Tao Hua Romance Star and Nine Purple Star add some colours to an otherwise lacklustre year!

Flying Stars : 8 7 2
Yearly Influential Stars : Pian Gui Ren Benefactor Star, Yin Fu Mansion Star

Lucky stars shine upon Northeast for the fourth consecutive year, making it undoubtedly the luckiest direction in Period Eight (Year 2004 to 2023)! Last year, abundant riches lined your pockets under the guidance of the prosperous Eight White Star. While wealth stars tend to be absent this year, positive influences from the helpful Pian Gui Ren Benefactor Star, creative Seven Scarlet and favourable flying stars combination allow Northeast to top the chart of good fortune once again!

Flying Stars : 3 2 6
Yearly Influential Stars : Jiang Jun General Star, Pian Tao Hua Romance Star, Da Li Major Prosperity Star

This year, you and your family can bask under the positive influences of lucky stars that reside in the East. Regardless of career, academic or relationship, your best effort shall ensure you smooth progress in all your endeavours. However, you must be mindful of your health and avoid falling victim to a stressful and busy lifestyle. A spic and span home can also help to diminish health threats from the illness star. In addition, you should pay greater attention to the health of the elderly at home and remind them to go for regular body check-up.

Flying Stars : 4 3 7
Yearly Influential Stars : Bing Fu Sickness Star, Tian Fu Heavenly Charm Star, Wen Chang Scholarly Star, Zheng Cai Wealth Star

After two years of tough luck, things are finally looking up for those who are residing in the Southeast-facing homes. This year, a congregation of the Three Jade, Wen Chang Scholarly and Zheng Cai Wealth stars, shall give you a much-needed boost in your career, studies and wealth!

Flying Stars : 9 8 3
Yearly Influential Stars : Grand Duke, Xiang Sha Direction Killing Star

Last year, a congregation of auspicious stars amid the absence of unlucky stars made South-facing homes most auspicious! However, an untimely encounter with the Grand Duke and Xiang Sha Direction Killing Star mark a sharp decline in your luck this year. Before you start fretting, things are not as bad as imagined! The Eight White Star and favourable flying stars combination do give hopes to wealth benefits, bringing ease to an otherwise lacklustre year.

Flying Stars : 2 1 5
Yearly Influential Stars : Zheng Gui Ren Benefactor Star, Nian Ke Year Clash Star

In recent years, the luck cycle for Southwest-facing homes has been lacklustre and you even encountered two illness stars in 2013! However, this year reflects a sunny outlook with the arrival of One White and Zheng Gui Ren Benefactor stars. Under the radiance of these lucky stars, Southwest earned the glory of being the 2nd most auspicious direction in 2014!

Flying Stars : 7 6 1
Yearly Influential Stars : Pian Cai Wealth Star

Good fortune continues to follow the West, which has been thriving under the radiance of romance stars for the past two years. This year, the Pian Cai Wealth Star arrives in place of the romance stars to bring forth abundant riches. Accompanied by the skillful Six White Star, you can also look forward to a breakthrough in your career!

Flying Stars : 6 5 9
Yearly Influential Stars : Di Fu Ground Charm Star

Plagued by the ominous Sui Po Year Breaker Star, 2013 was a disheartening year for Northwest-facing homes in spite of existing lucky stars. Unfortunately, the situation is set to worsen in 2014! This year, the threatening presence of Five Yellow Disaster Star and unfavourable flying stars combination in Northwest marks tough times ahead.